Tuesday 6 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - If You Want Your Book to Sell, Get it Reviewed

If you are an author and want your book to stand out from the hundreds and thousands of books available in the market, you need to amp up your marketing strategies. You may have a killer cover page and an awesome plot to go with it, but without the right marketing efforts, your book will simply not sell. One of the most lucrative marketing tools that can catapult your book to the top of the sales chart is reviews.

There are several benefits of book reviews and it helps authors as well as readers, such as:
  • Reviews assist interested readers in making informed choices about their reading selections. It helps them save valuable time as they do not have to hunt good books to read, but the reviews give them a clear picture about whether the story is worth a read. 
  • In the sprawling book market, good reviews help to enhance the visibility of the book and make it stand apart from the rest. 
  • Reviews helps first-time or self-published authors establish their reputation as an accomplished and competent writer.
  • The reviews from stalwart book reviewers, such as Angelica Urbas, increases the sales of a particular book as the credibility of the author is greatly augmented. 
  • The feedback from reviewers also provides insight to the writer on how well he or she can improve his or her writing skills. 
  • Good reviews excite authors and they are encouraged to come up with more interesting plots and stories for their readers. 
So, if you have recently published your book and want to encourage people to read it, getting your book reviewed is the perfect way to highlight its presence. As the review for your book will be printed on newspapers and magazines, and posted across social media platform, it will not be long until your book becomes viral. 


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