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Know from Angelica Urbas which one is the best thriller of 2017 till now

A thriller is such piece of literature which attracts readers of all age. In 2017, some such thrillers have published already and touched the heart of readers. However, Angelica Urbas considers that a ‘The River at Night’ by Erica Ferencik is one of these top rated thrillers of this year. Know why should you read it.

The main character of this thriller is Wini, who is having a number of issues in her life recently. To make her feel refreshed, three friends of Wini decide to go for their annual trip.
The trip starts with hiking and rafting but soon it becomes a nightmare for all the four girls. In an accident, they get separated from the raft and lose everything required for survival. At night they find a camp and reaches there for seeking help. Soon later, the four friends understand the true intent of their saviors. As the story proceeds, all the girls come to know several secrets which were buried for long time. From, here the reader will encounter multiple twists. In later part of this thriller, you will observe that the friendship among all girls are put to test. The story also reveals that Wini unknowingly possess a secret strength. In order to survive, she has to harness that strength.

A good thriller is not only for going through a series of incidents while holding your breath, but it must provide a message too. This thriller fulfills all the criteria of readers. Here, the four characters are observed closely. Along with the four girls, when reading this book , readers also will surprised to see different shades of their characters. The readers will also come to know that how the long friendship changes with situation. The book also depicts how to distinguish between friends and foes and each of these elements have made it worth to read.
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