Tuesday 16 August 2016

3 Fashion Tips by Angelica Urbas for Busy Homemakers


Usually the homemakers spend the whole day for taking care of families and hardly get a break for their themselves. However, taking care of yourself and staying stylish everyday is not difficult if you are ready to put the least effort for your own. Here, Angelica Urbas suggests few tips which you can follow to add style in your daily life.

Replace your regular Tees with fashionable tunics: When you are at home, surely you will want to stay comfortable and thus, oversize tee's might be your first preference. But, you can bring significant change in your just by replacing the tee shirts with comfortable tunics. You can find the colorful tunics with both long and short sleeves. So, selecting one among them as per your preference will not be difficult. Not only at home, you can use tunics teamed up with skirts for outings with your families too.

Use shirt-dresses: The shirt-dresses are also casual and comfortable and thus, can be great for the busy homemakers like you. Whatever be your body type, a shirt-dress will surely suit you. For using at home, Angelica Urbas considers that you can choose a cotton shirt-dress which can be washed easily. Apart from using at home, you can use these dresses anywhere- from your kid's’ school to grocery shop.

Use skimmers instead of rubber flip-flops: For wearing at home, the rubber flip-flops might be your favorite. But, you can look more stylish in colorful skimmers than the flip-flops. The canvas skimmers are available in beautiful colors and design. So, adding more style to your look will not be difficult.

For looking the best, taking care of your skin every day is necessary. In most of the cases, getting adequate time for proper skincare and doing make up is not possible for homemakers. However, you should not forget to use moisturizer with SPF while going outside. Finally, Angelica Urbas considers, you should try to manage some time for your hobbies every week. It will also work a lot for reducing stress and the related problems.
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