Tuesday 5 December 2017

How To Write a Memorable Fiction Book Review


We all love reading works of fiction as they have the ability to make us feel a wide range of emotions. A good fiction novel can captivate, thrill, excite and sadden with the turn of each page. We get to know about quality novels by reading reviews in newspapers, magazines or online websites. Reviews decide which ones we purchase and which we should ignore. But did you know that anyone can be a credible book reviewer? 

Reviewing a book is a way of helping other readers understand if a book is worth investing their money, time and effort into. Reviews are also important as it really makes no sense to judge a book by its cover. If you are keen on reviewing a book, you need to do it well. You cannot just write an essay on your general viewpoints. Reputed book reviewer David Justin Urbas has some key tips that aspiring reviewers can follow. Let's have a look below. 

Fundamental tips for writing a memorable fiction book review - 

1. Be honest in your viewpoints - Do not think about towing the mainstream line just because another review has got quite famous. If you are going to create a review, make sure you do it in an honest manner. Your readers will appreciate it. 

2. Briefly introduce a book - Before you can go into the good, the bad and the not so bad, it is important to tell readers what a book is about. Describe in a few lines what the book is about, at the start of your review.  This really has to be brief, and not reveal much about the interesting plots and twists in the story. Avoid including those by all means. 

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Monday 4 December 2017

How to Write a Book Review

A book review describes, analyzes and evaluates. The review conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book.

Do you know how to write a book review? I didn't. And even though I knew I didn't, that didn't stop me from firmly inserting my foot in my mouth by agreeing to conduct a book review writing workshop for my local Barnes & Noble. I blithely assured myself it would simply be a matter of picking up Book Reviews for Dummies, or something to that effect. Au Contraire. It's easier to find information on bomb-making than book review writing.

So I did what any other resourceful writer on deadline would do; I panicked. Well, for a moment. Quickly composing myself I scrounged the library and internet for every conceivable source that even hinted at the term "book review." What follows is the result of my gleaning.

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Monday 7 August 2017

Book Reviews Can Enrich Your Reading Experience.

Reading is one of the habits that we cultivate since a young age due to schooling and also by special interest. Regardless of what genres you enjoy reading, there are thousands of choices. In fact, there is so much to read out there, that we cannot possibly manage during a lifetime. Picking the right books to read is often a challenge for many of us. That is when we turn to book reviews, to find the best options. Most of us now choose to read a review before going ahead and buying a book. That is the surest way of avoiding wasted time with substandard books.

Some of us have the experience of having to write book reviews as assignments during our school or university years. However, a professional review can be quite different than a review written for academic purposes. Reputed book reviewer Angelica Urbas considers reading multiple reviews of the same books, before anyone buys it. If a number of reviews all suggest that a particular title is worth a read, it is so much easier to make up one’s mind. With the soaring popularity of e-reading, finding reviews is quite easy. In fact, most titles released now are reviewed within a week, or even less. 

What are Book Reviews?

A review is a dissection of a book’s contents by a reader much like yourself. This reader is someone who has read the book completely and is expressing his/her opinions. We all have our preferences when it comes to reviews. Many of us have built a trustworthy relationship with some reviewers, due to past experiences. If you had liked a review by someone, and the book did turn out to be good, you most probably will read their future reviews. 

A typical review contains the synopsis and plot of a book, and goes over briefly over the contents. It helps eager readers get an idea about how a book can pan out for them. Reviews can be quite powerful and convince readers effectively. Aside from the usual newspaper and magazine review column, we are also witnessing a steady rise in online review websites. Many leading online book sellers are also having dedicated review sections on their online resources. 

Accessible Reviews To Make Reading A Better Experience 

The internet and social media has made reading a fun and interactive experience. Now you can search and read a review online, and share it with your friends with a single click. If they were pondering over the idea of reading the same book, they’ll get valuable insights. Many reviewers have their own websites, and also do review videos on popular video blogging sites. Social media channels have also made it quite easy to share reviews around. Even lesser known and not so commercially successful titles, are reviewed regularly by avid readers like you and me. 

As a result, finding quality reading material is a hassle-free experience for millions of readers across the world. As soon as a much anticipated title is launched, you can expect multiple reviews to be published online. Book reviews are now a popular trend, and many reviewers have dedicated fan followings. Before you go ahead and grab your next book, reading its review beforehand might be a better idea. 
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Monday 29 May 2017

Angelica Urbas - How to Write a Children's Book Review

First, read the book from beginning to end. This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you're going to write a review that's useful to readers, you need to read the whole thing. Don't just look at the blurb on the back cover, don't just skim over the first ten pages. Read the entire book. Go back later to re-examine key points of interest.

As you read, take notes. Mark down things that you want to go back and look at later. If there's something that doesn't make sense to you, jot it down. Conversely, if there's a line or a scene that really impresses you, keep track of that as well.

Briefly explain the story. Give the reader a general idea of what the story is about. Describe the main character or characters, the focus of the plot, any internal conflict, and what sort of adventures the characters have. Do this in just a few short sentences at most. No matter what, if there is a surprise twist ending, do NOT reveal it in the book review.

More at: http://www.ehow.com/how_4480399_write-childrens-book-review.html
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Thursday 25 May 2017

Rely on Professional Independent Book Reviewers for a Better Reading Experience

Reading is a hobby for many of us, but it is also a passion that we nurture. The quest for gaining more knowledge is endless for passionate readers, who are always seeking out newer options. A good quality book can enlighten one’s soul, and leave them satisfied. However, finding the right books to purchase or read can be a difficult task for many of us. That’s where book reviews come in. Reading reviews of books are a trend that people around the world do nowadays. This is because no one wants to read a book that is simply a waste of time. Books with good reviews sell more, and they are enjoyed more by the users.

There are many notable book reviews, including Angelica Urbas, who regularly review books across several genres and subgenres. Their main purpose is to point readers in the right direction, in regards to what to read next. Honest and unbiased reviews simply discuss what a book is about, its plot in brief, and the reviewer’s views about the book. Reading quality reviews online can help you get an idea about, whether a book is worth buying and reading. More and more readers are turning to popular review websites, social media book reviews and reviews from dedicated book reviewers.

Read Reviews For Finding the Best Books to Read 

Many professional book reviewers have their own websites, social media pages and accounts on popular video and audio streaming websites. By following these, readers can stay in the know about reviews of the latest books, as well as older titles. If you are looking forward to a new title, but unsure about it, reading a review can be of great help. It can make up your mind, and drive up your interest about what to expect from the book. Some book reviewers review books from only selected genres, while others review books across all genres. If you have trusted a book reviewer before, it is probably a good idea to trust their future reviews as well.

Many readers go with reviews from experienced independent reviewers, as they are generally quite transparent in their reviews. More importantly, you can expert their book reviews to be completely unbiased. This is often not the case, when it comes to popular mainstream reviews. This is because, reviewers on popular mainstream websites are often not completely honest. So you are better off relying on independent reviews.

Why Read Independent Book Reviews?

1. Get an idea about which new titles to purchase, and which ones to avoid.
2. Know about the plots of fiction books and if they are worth a read.
3. Know about the quality of information in non-fiction books.
4. Get honest and unbiased reviews of new, as well as old titles.

Notable independent book reviewers are reaching out to the masses, with quality reviews on leading book titles. They can help you choose the right books for an enriching reading experience.

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Thursday 18 May 2017

Angelica Urbas - A Trusted Book Reviewer Can Help You Decide On Your Next Read


Book reviews help us decide whether a book is a good read and if it is worth purchasing. Hundreds of books across several genres are launched every day. If you have a passion for reading, it is often difficult to choose from which books you want to get. There are just too many choices. What you can do is read book reviews from trusted reviewers to make up your mind. Reading a favorable review about a book, will make you look forward to reading it. If you are unsure about whether to buy a recently released book, you might get some clarity by reading its review online.

Many notable book reviewers review a large category of book titles, including fiction, non-fiction, satire, drama, romance, adventure, self help, biographies and psychology etc. You can also choose to read reviews from reviewers who specialize in particular subgenres.

Rely on Reviews from Expert Book Reviewers 

It is a fact that, most people nowadays read book reviews from trusted reviewers before going ahead with the purchase of any book title. Book reviewers like Angelica Urbas have their own websites, where they post reviews of popular and the most anticipated book titles. Anyone can visit and read these, in order to understand if a book is worth buying.

Book reviewers are reaching out to book-lovers with not just written reviews but through mediums like social and video sharing websites. So you can easily view a book review uploaded on video websites, if you are too impatient to go through text reviews.

Why You Should Read Quality Book Reviews Before Purchasing or Borrowing?

1. Book reviews are expert opinions of a particular book and its subject matter.
2. Reviewers provide informed opinions along with valid arguments for their views.
3. A trusted critic can give you a determined answer about if you should or should not buy a book
4. Book reviews can prevent you from investing in the wrong books, which may seem promising but are actually quite disappointing.
5. Book reviewers are dedicated to help the masses get a better, more assorted reading experience.
6. Good reviews from reviewers are also quite beneficial to authors and publishes, as they generate more exposure and customer engagement.
7. Book reviewers save a lot of time and money of readers in general, by weeding out the books that are absolutely bad experiences.
8. There are many options of reviews to read, ranging from small reviews to detailed ones.
9. You can expert notable reviewers of posting transparent and unbiased reviews online.

Many reviewers are even reviewing old and classic titles, to give modern audiences a fresh perspective. So if you are interested in buying a famous, old novel, you can read a latest review on it online. There are entire websites and blogs dedicated to book reviews, where you can find fresh reviews of the most valuable book titles. View or read quality book reviews for an enhanced reading experience. 
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Thursday 11 May 2017

Quality Book Reviews Ensure That You Buy The Right Ones

Buying and reading a book is one of the most productive things that you can do for yourself. A good book can help you grow personally, refresh your thoughts and gain valuable knowledge. Almost every day, there are new books are being released, in a wide variety of genres like fiction, non-fiction, self development, how tos, biographies (and autobiographies), travel, history etc., among others. If you are an eager reader, it is quite easy to get lost in the sea of new book titles. Making a choice on which one to purchase can be an arduous task for anyone. That’s where book reviews come in.

A book reviewer can read and review some of the most anticipated titles for readers. If you were keen on reading a particular book but wondering if it is worth your time, reading a well-known book reviewer’s report can help you out. There are book reviewing websites on the internet which you can visit anytime to read reviews about a wide variety of different books.

Reviews for Books Can Help You Choose The Best Ones

Many book reviewers post their reviews on social media websites and upload review videos on several popular video sharing sites. Book reviews are in fact, gaining a lot of popularity today. A good review can see a book selling a lot more than it would sell without one. Similarly, a bad review can drown out the interest of potential readers. However, it is up to the reader to decide if any particular book is worth their time.

A reviewer just gives out his or her opinion about the book’s contents. Book reviewers such as Angelica Urbas, have their own review sites which customers can visit anytime to read reviews, to decide what they want to purchase.

There are several well known book critics who regularly review newly published books to aid readers. Finding the right reviews are not difficult, as good ones are shared a lot through social and online channels. Buying a book without reading a review today is not something that many people do anymore. 
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Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Big Payback: Hip-Hop's Business Bible

The book's opening line couldn't have set the stage better: "The man who invented American money lived and died in Harlem."

Thus begins The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop, a 638-page tome by Dan Charnas that details the rise of rap music from the burned-out blocks of the South Bronx in the 1970s to the top of the international mainstream music world today. Tracking more than 30 years of hip-hop's history, the book gives readers a peek at the origins of all the major players in the genre today--and the pioneers on whose shoulders they stand.

More at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/booked/2010/12/09/the-big-payback-hip-hops-business-bible/#350d997a70fd
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Wednesday 5 April 2017

Which books you should buy this year for kids? Know from Angelica Urbas

Every parent want to develop the habit of reading among kids, but it is really difficult to decide what they should be given to read. Usually those books which are interesting for kids as well as deliver a message to them, are considered as the perfect. However, it is not possible for parents to stay updated about the latest books for kids all the time. Here, Angelica Urbas has pointed out some such books which your kids must read this year.

Coyote Moon: This wonderful book written by Bagram Ibatoulline and Maria Gianferrari was published in July, 2016. This book is perfect when you want to grow the reading habit among kids at their early age. The story is about a mother Coyote who wants to feed her pups and chases the prey for the whole night. During an adventurous journey, she encounters a number of animals and finally succeeds to get the prey for her pups. This entire story is illustrated beautifully and the kids will surely enjoy it a lot.

Fabulous Frogs: This book is written by Martin Jenkins. This Nonfiction book presents a lot of facts about frogs and their unique characteristics. This book is also covered with beautiful illustrations. The information is presented here in such way so that kids become interested. If your kids have a desire to know about different creatures, this book will be a perfect choice for them.

Good Night Owl: It is another great book written by Greg Pizzoli for kids. Here the story of an owl in depicted who cannot fall asleep due to strange sounds. The entire story is on how the desperate owl finds out source of the sound. However, the language, flow of the story and illustration have made the book interesting to kids.

If your kid has grown up a little and is already habituated in reading books, then you have to choose something different for him/ her. Here are some books which will be perfect for your growing kids.

Dory Fantasmagory: Dory Dory Black Sheep: This nice book is written by Abby Hanlon and it the story told here will encourage your kids for further reading. Dory is a little girl whose best friend Rosabelle is fond of reading. In class, Rosabelle can read long chapter books whereas Dory still struggles with her baby books. Feeling left out, Dory decides to turn her into a reader and thus, the story proceeds. In her attempts Dory faces a number of problems, fails many times and finally manages to achieve her goal. This interesting book has become quite popular among kids and will surely be prefered by your kid too.

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled: It is the story of a little boy and his little dog. Again this story centers around the learning experiences of kids. The boy tries to learn different subjects along with maths and science and how he overcomes the difficulties, is told here. As per Angelica Urbas, it will also encourage kids to learn new things.
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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Ugly Book Review

First sentence: Imagine you're in art class. The teacher drops a lump of wet, sticky clay on the bench in front of you. "You've got thirty minutes to sculpt a newborn baby's face," she says.

Premise/plot: Ugly is a memoir by Robert Hoge. This very personal story is about growing up 'ugly' or 'different' in Australia in the 1970s and 80s. Readers learn about his life at home and at school. The focus is on his family, his friends, his classmates and teachers. Not everyone was nice....or accepting. But. He made a way, found a way, to be comfortable in his own skin. His journey included some surgeries, but, not as many as you might expect. (I loved, loved, LOVED the ending.) His journey also included sports.

Perhaps readers have heard the phrase, "He has a face only a mother could love..." Well, in Hoge's case, his mother had a hard time accepting him--and his face--at first. For the first month of his life, she refused to take him home from the hospital and didn't want anything to do with him. She later became loving and accepting--a true supporter--but at first she struggled.

More at: http://blbooks.blogspot.in/2017/03/ugly.html
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Monday 13 March 2017

Angelica Urbas - Gritty but Ultimately Good-Hearted

Box of Rain is the third in a series of “Street Stories” suspense novels focusing on the gritty side of Chicago. In this briskly paced story, Debra Borys weaves together two narratives: one about a young black man falsely suspected of murder and on the run from police, the other about a reporter on the case as she grapples with her father’s dubious past.

Borys draws on years of experience volunteering to help vulnerable youths and adults in Chicago. Apparently, nothing is ever quite what it seems to be in this hard luck world. Serious issues regarding race and law enforcement lend some weight to this otherwise lively whodunit.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/gritty-but-ultimately-good-hearted/
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Saturday 11 March 2017

Angelica Urbas : Beautiful and Painful ‘Sex and Death’

Award-winning author Ben Tanzer has packed Sex and Death, his small, powerful collection of short stories, with some insightful, evocative lines like this, lines that gently peel open and then tear at your heart.

sex&death.coverThis little gem of a book, measuring just 4½” x 6” and coming in at just over 70 pages, packs an outsized punch as Tanzer delves gently though unflinchingly at some of our sharpest emotions: love, lust, longing, ecstasy, anxiety. These short stories are populated with memorable characters who often go unnamed but whose feelings are so deeply felt that they practically vibrate with every page.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/beautiful-and-painful-sex-and-death/
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Thursday 9 March 2017

Angelica Urbas - Getting to the Bottom of Things

Michelle Hoover’s Bottomland explores the life of a German farm family in Iowa after World War I, struggling to fit in with a society recently taught to despise Germans. The Hess family—four girls, two boys, a recently deceased mother, and a depressed father—try to get by on the land with few friends and many enemies. It becomes hard for the family members even to trust each other, as the Hess children grow up surrounded by deception, love, shame, and jealousy, while they are constantly reminded of their heritage. Most of the children don’t speak any German, yet they feel like foreigners in the fields of the Midwest.Bottomland

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/getting-to-the-bottom-of-things/
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Monday 6 March 2017

Angelica Urbas - New Tricks for an ‘Old Heart’

Peter Ferry’s Old Heart tells the story of an elderly man who escapes from his overly solicitous family and embarks on a journey across the globe. The intensity of his hope, desire, curiosity, and wanderlust appears undiminished as he reflects on loves lost and found. Even at the age of 85, it seems, all is not written in stone for this World War II veteran.

old heart ferryThe first part of the novel covers what Tom has lived for up to the moment of his escape, which on the surface is nothing much to cheer about: a bad marriage, a lifelong commitment to a son with Down Syndrome, another son with serious financial troubles. He has been comfortable in his lakeside home in the far northern Chicago suburbs with his family and friends and pink Adirondack chairs, but now even this peace and quiet is under threat.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/new-tricks-for-an-old-heart/
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Friday 3 March 2017

Angelica Urbas - A Week in a Life Forever Changed

The summer of 1919 was a dramatic one, even by Chicago standards: a dirigible, the Wingfoot Express, crashed in the Loop; riots broke out after a racial incident at the 29th Street beach; six-year-old Janet Wilkinson went missing; strikes and lockouts broke out across the city; and the Spanish Influenza continued to claim victims here, across the country, and around the world.

burns reason for timeGary Krist told the tale of these “12 days of disaster” in his highly acclaimed 2011 book, City of Scoundrels. Author Mary Burns tackles this remarkable stretch in her latest novel, The Reason for Time.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/category/fiction/
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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Angelica Urbas - Chasing Love Through the Decades

Laura Quinn’s novel Punk Charming follows the lives of Kate and James as they traverse the globe in hopes of one day meeting again and cementing the love they found on a train in 1986. Quinn’s passion for the fashion, lingo, music, and culture of the 1980s is clear, as Kate and James, as well the secondary characters, embody the lifestyle of the decade. Unlike most romance tales, Punk Charming highlights the growth of the characters and the journey they embark on rather than lustful scenes and corny declarations of love. Though the writing at times seems rushed and the details provided feel a bit overkill, it is clear that Quinn believes love will conquer all.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/chasing-love-through-the-decades/
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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Friday 17 February 2017

Know from Angelica Urbas which one is the best thriller of 2017 till now

A thriller is such piece of literature which attracts readers of all age. In 2017, some such thrillers have published already and touched the heart of readers. However, Angelica Urbas considers that a ‘The River at Night’ by Erica Ferencik is one of these top rated thrillers of this year. Know why should you read it.

The main character of this thriller is Wini, who is having a number of issues in her life recently. To make her feel refreshed, three friends of Wini decide to go for their annual trip.
The trip starts with hiking and rafting but soon it becomes a nightmare for all the four girls. In an accident, they get separated from the raft and lose everything required for survival. At night they find a camp and reaches there for seeking help. Soon later, the four friends understand the true intent of their saviors. As the story proceeds, all the girls come to know several secrets which were buried for long time. From, here the reader will encounter multiple twists. In later part of this thriller, you will observe that the friendship among all girls are put to test. The story also reveals that Wini unknowingly possess a secret strength. In order to survive, she has to harness that strength.

A good thriller is not only for going through a series of incidents while holding your breath, but it must provide a message too. This thriller fulfills all the criteria of readers. Here, the four characters are observed closely. Along with the four girls, when reading this book , readers also will surprised to see different shades of their characters. The readers will also come to know that how the long friendship changes with situation. The book also depicts how to distinguish between friends and foes and each of these elements have made it worth to read.
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Saturday 11 February 2017

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Angelica Urbas: The Story Ends—The Story Never Ends

Chicagoan Joyce Goldenstern’s The Story Ends—The Story Never Ends is a collection of glimpses. But her stories, while quick, are dense with detail, depth of character, and enthralling storytelling. Like a book of poetry, what is not there is just as important as what is; Goldenstern is as deliberate as a poet.

Whether from the perspective of a child, a young adult, a housewife, or an old woman, the author’s voice comes through resolutely, easily. Themes of religion, tragedy, acceptance, and morality pop up again and again. A woman comforts goldenstern story endsthe man who betrayed her when he experiences a misfortune of his own. An aging woman obsesses over a Catholic school fire in Chicago that killed ninety-five children well before she was born. Generations of dutiful women serve in 4-H yet question patriarchal tradition.

More at: https://chicagoreviewofbooks.wordpress.com/2016/05/18/time-life-and-a-collection-of-glimpses/
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Tuesday 10 January 2017