Monday 7 August 2017

Book Reviews Can Enrich Your Reading Experience.

Reading is one of the habits that we cultivate since a young age due to schooling and also by special interest. Regardless of what genres you enjoy reading, there are thousands of choices. In fact, there is so much to read out there, that we cannot possibly manage during a lifetime. Picking the right books to read is often a challenge for many of us. That is when we turn to book reviews, to find the best options. Most of us now choose to read a review before going ahead and buying a book. That is the surest way of avoiding wasted time with substandard books.

Some of us have the experience of having to write book reviews as assignments during our school or university years. However, a professional review can be quite different than a review written for academic purposes. Reputed book reviewer Angelica Urbas considers reading multiple reviews of the same books, before anyone buys it. If a number of reviews all suggest that a particular title is worth a read, it is so much easier to make up one’s mind. With the soaring popularity of e-reading, finding reviews is quite easy. In fact, most titles released now are reviewed within a week, or even less. 

What are Book Reviews?

A review is a dissection of a book’s contents by a reader much like yourself. This reader is someone who has read the book completely and is expressing his/her opinions. We all have our preferences when it comes to reviews. Many of us have built a trustworthy relationship with some reviewers, due to past experiences. If you had liked a review by someone, and the book did turn out to be good, you most probably will read their future reviews. 

A typical review contains the synopsis and plot of a book, and goes over briefly over the contents. It helps eager readers get an idea about how a book can pan out for them. Reviews can be quite powerful and convince readers effectively. Aside from the usual newspaper and magazine review column, we are also witnessing a steady rise in online review websites. Many leading online book sellers are also having dedicated review sections on their online resources. 

Accessible Reviews To Make Reading A Better Experience 

The internet and social media has made reading a fun and interactive experience. Now you can search and read a review online, and share it with your friends with a single click. If they were pondering over the idea of reading the same book, they’ll get valuable insights. Many reviewers have their own websites, and also do review videos on popular video blogging sites. Social media channels have also made it quite easy to share reviews around. Even lesser known and not so commercially successful titles, are reviewed regularly by avid readers like you and me. 

As a result, finding quality reading material is a hassle-free experience for millions of readers across the world. As soon as a much anticipated title is launched, you can expect multiple reviews to be published online. Book reviews are now a popular trend, and many reviewers have dedicated fan followings. Before you go ahead and grab your next book, reading its review beforehand might be a better idea. 


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