Wednesday 5 April 2017

Which books you should buy this year for kids? Know from Angelica Urbas

Every parent want to develop the habit of reading among kids, but it is really difficult to decide what they should be given to read. Usually those books which are interesting for kids as well as deliver a message to them, are considered as the perfect. However, it is not possible for parents to stay updated about the latest books for kids all the time. Here, Angelica Urbas has pointed out some such books which your kids must read this year.

Coyote Moon: This wonderful book written by Bagram Ibatoulline and Maria Gianferrari was published in July, 2016. This book is perfect when you want to grow the reading habit among kids at their early age. The story is about a mother Coyote who wants to feed her pups and chases the prey for the whole night. During an adventurous journey, she encounters a number of animals and finally succeeds to get the prey for her pups. This entire story is illustrated beautifully and the kids will surely enjoy it a lot.

Fabulous Frogs: This book is written by Martin Jenkins. This Nonfiction book presents a lot of facts about frogs and their unique characteristics. This book is also covered with beautiful illustrations. The information is presented here in such way so that kids become interested. If your kids have a desire to know about different creatures, this book will be a perfect choice for them.

Good Night Owl: It is another great book written by Greg Pizzoli for kids. Here the story of an owl in depicted who cannot fall asleep due to strange sounds. The entire story is on how the desperate owl finds out source of the sound. However, the language, flow of the story and illustration have made the book interesting to kids.

If your kid has grown up a little and is already habituated in reading books, then you have to choose something different for him/ her. Here are some books which will be perfect for your growing kids.

Dory Fantasmagory: Dory Dory Black Sheep: This nice book is written by Abby Hanlon and it the story told here will encourage your kids for further reading. Dory is a little girl whose best friend Rosabelle is fond of reading. In class, Rosabelle can read long chapter books whereas Dory still struggles with her baby books. Feeling left out, Dory decides to turn her into a reader and thus, the story proceeds. In her attempts Dory faces a number of problems, fails many times and finally manages to achieve her goal. This interesting book has become quite popular among kids and will surely be prefered by your kid too.

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled: It is the story of a little boy and his little dog. Again this story centers around the learning experiences of kids. The boy tries to learn different subjects along with maths and science and how he overcomes the difficulties, is told here. As per Angelica Urbas, it will also encourage kids to learn new things.


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