Wednesday 28 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - 5 Essential Tips on Reviewing Books

After you finish reading a book, do you feel like penning down the thoughts that come in your mind? If yes, you must attempt writing book reviews. As many people love to read book reviews, your creations can gain immense popularity, if you write them efficiently. For authors too, reviews are the much-awaited feedback on the books they write. Reviews are also a confirmation that the book has been read by people. If you want to engage in writing book reviews, you must make them proficient by following certain guidelines.

In this write-up, I am going to discuss some of the tips on writing proficient book reviews.

# Dedicate a lot of time on reading a book - If you want to write an admirable book review, you should give a lot of time to the book. First you have to go through the book quickly and then read it again slowly, giving enough time to each episode, so that you can analyze them. You must take down notes that can help you later on in writing the review. Renowned book reviewer Angelica Urbas is of the opinion that reading a book for a multiple number of times can assist you in understanding the point of view of its author.

# Remember the length guidelines and deadlines - In case you want to send your book reviews to a publisher, you must follow the guidelines on length and the deadlines. Publishers and editors always prefer book reviews that are of a proper length and are written when the book is still new in the market. Following these can allow you to get your work published in newspapers, magazines and so on.

# Review includes the summary in brief - You must summarize the book in brief, when you are writing a book review. However, do not disclose everything, so that your readers can retain the interest of reading the books themselves.

# Create a relationship between an author, a reader and yourself - This must be one of your objectives, when you review a book. For this, it is important for you to write an interesting opening line and include questions, so that readers can feel connected to you. A good review should also be capable of making the readers understand the viewpoint of an author and thereby, create a liking for his or her notable works. In this way, your reviews can help in connecting readers and authors.

# Evaluate the book - You must do an honest evaluation of a book in a review and mention both its strong and weak points. You should also say in which parts the author is brilliant and where he is not up-to the mark. However, always remember to give adequate reasons for your judgments and opinions.

According to famous book reviewers, such as Angelica Urbas, anyone attempting a book review must cater to these guidelines. Thus, if you want to write successful reviews, follow these tips and watch how your reviews become very popular among readers in no time.


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