Tuesday 13 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - 4 Useful Tips for Book Reviewers

Do you love to read and want to review the books your have read? If yes, you can follow your passion and write interesting book reviews. However, to write successful reviews, you must also follow certain guidelines.

Let us take a look at some of the tips that book reviewers must follow.

# Reading the book entirely- It is needless to say that you must read a book thoroughly, before you can review it. This obvious fact is included within the tips to point out that you should not read the book in parts, before you attempt a review.

# Not giving away too much - According to experienced book reviewer Angelica Urbas, the task of a reviewer is to give a stable overview of a book. He or she must hold back certain information, so that readers can retain the interest of going through the book themselves. A good review always increases a reader’s curiosity to read a book.

# Going deeper - A book reviewer must not only be concerned about the plot, character or scenes of a book, but also delve deeper to explore the theme and analyze what the author is saying. A reader should also have some understanding of the comments of a reviewer, even if he or she has not read the book.

# Being creative and constructive - The worth of a book review depends on the creativity and constructiveness of a reviewer. Hence, a reviewer should balance the positive and negative elements in a book and add his or her personal opinions, sense of humor, etc in the write-up.

These are the tips that every book reviewer must follow. If you want to be a book reviewer, you must use these tips to write reviews that will be loved by readers.


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