Thursday 13 October 2016

Tips on Writing a Book Review

Book reviews always attract many readers. This is because, people are often interested to know the opinions of other readers about a book. Thus, if you want to write a book review, you must make it detailed and give your honest views. Only then, readers are going to like the review you write. Angelica Urbas has some tips that book reviewers must follow, in order to write effective reviews.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the tips that you must follow as a book reviewer.

# Begin with a brief description of the book - At the beginning of a book review, write in short what the book is all about. However, be careful not to reveal any twists in its plot. Do not give any detail of the proceedings from the middle of the book till its end. If the book you are reviewing is a part of a series, you can mention it in the beginning. Also, you can mention other books from the series you think a reader must read before reading this one.

# Say why you liked the book - Angelica Urbas suggests that you must make it clear to your readers, why you liked a particular book. For this, you can discuss the characters and what you liked about them. You can also mention the parts that you enjoyed the most in the book. Also, add whether the story was gripping and the emotions you felt while reading it.

# Rate the book - When you review a book, add a rating. Readers love book reviews that has a rating. It shows how much you liked the book. It also helps readers to understand how good the book is.

These are some of the tips by Angelica Urbas on how to do a book review. If you want to review a book efficiently, you must follow these useful suggestions. 


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