Tuesday 25 October 2016

Angelica Urbas Review:The Medusa Chronicles: A science fiction of 2016

When it comes to naming some of the most interesting books of 2016, Angelica Urbas considers that The Medusa Chronicles by Stephen Baxters and Alastair Reynolds will surely be within the topmost ones. In this story, at first you will meet Howard Falcon, who was nearly losing his life and it was a cybernetic surgery that saved him. However, after the surgery, Howard was changed a lot. In the post-surgery period, authors have portrayed him as something less human and more machine. In clear words, he is an ambassador between the human beings and robots. Later the authors showed that the robots are becoming more and more self-aware whereas the the human beings are becoming harder. Howard faces lots of adventurous experiences because of the changes in nature of human beings and robots.

The story starts in the year 2080 when Howard was left almost crippled by a major accident. Then the cybernetic surgery took place and he converted into something which is just between human and machines. Angelica Urbas considers that authors have described nicely how after surgery Howard was put into loneliness. At the same time, he started feeling proud for his superhuman capabilities which developed as the effects of surgery.

This book is actually an extended version of another famous novella, ‘A Meeting with Medusa’ by Arthur C. Clarke. The fact might seem surprising to you as the novella was written in 1971. But while reading the story, you will find that the journey of Howard starts after events described in novella by Arthur. Apart from this, Urbas has pointed out some some similarities with the book written by Arthur, such as- use of same keynotes and Clarke's other ideas, although the entire story is written keeping demands of modern readers. So, even if you are fond of modern science fictions, Angelica Urbas states that you too will find the book unputdownable.


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