Monday 17 October 2016

Review from Angelica Urbas : Know how slavery is depicted in ‘The Underground RailRoad’

In the current year, so far the book worms especially the fiction lovers have enjoyed a great time with several outstanding literary works. However, among them ‘The Underground RailRoad’ was highly preferred by those readers who look for stories with reflection of history. Angelica Urbas considers that this book is one of the best pieces which depict real facts of slavery in Georgia through an exciting escape story of a slave.

In this book by Colson Whitehead, the story is centered around a slave Cora who works in cotton plantation. At her teenage, for getting rid of the miserable life in Georgia, she decides to escape with her friend using the underground rail network. But, the journey was not at all smooth. While traveling to North Carolina, Cora has to confront with representatives of different levels of society, starting from- informers, lynch mobs to bounty hunters. Even Cora meets some railway workers too who are ready to help them at any cost. In addition to this, you will find another character in this book, Ridgeway, who is determined to catch Cora and destroy the whole network. Along with the exciting journey of Cora, Angelica Urbas states that there are many other things too in the book. In this book, the author, Whitehead has drawn a clear story of the lives of Black people in America before civil war. When reading the book, the readers will come to know how the slaves were kept deprived generation wise. The readers will also be amazed to see that lots of slaves attempted to escape without fearing about the brutal torture.

Not only the plot, the story telling approach of author also made this book unique. Both real facts and fable-like allegory is used in this book which is not very common. As per Angelica Urbas, the poetic voice of author to tell the story also made this book difficult to put down.


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