Thursday 15 September 2016

Why ‘The One Man’ is the best novel by Andrew Gross

Adventurous stories are favorite to almost everyone of us. But, not each one of these stories give us a glimpse of old days along with a thrilling reading experience. However, Angelica Urbas considers that ‘The One Man’ by Andrew Gross falls under the above stated category. This books give valuable information on the miserable condition of Polish during the Nazi time. On other hand , this book also describes the adventurous experience of Alfred Mendl. If you still not read this book, know from Urbas, why you should not miss it.

The story starts in 1944 when one of its main characters Alfred Mendl and his family was brought to the concentration camp. Just after arriving the Camp, Alfred, who was a professor of Physics, was separated from his family and all his works were burnt into fire. Although the Nazi guards considered him as just another prisoner, actually he was one of those two people having knowledge to start or terminate a war. When Mendl was brought to concentration camp, the other one was already working for Nazis. Angelica Urbas states that the author has brought a nice twist in the story by introducing Nathum Blum, who in Washington DC, was assigned to a mission by the US government. The mission was about entering the Concentration camp and escaping with a person who can help Allies to win the war. Clearly, it was probably the most dangerous mission for Blum. But, still he was agreed to do it. As the story proceeds, as per, it becomes more and more thrilling.

On reading the story, you will realize the author used both real facts and lots of twists in the storyline in excellent way. The description of concentration camp and how people used to live there is so lively that sometimes it might seem terrifying to the reader and thus, Angelica Urbas considered it as the best creation of Gross till now, read more.


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