Wednesday 28 September 2016

Tips To Write A Book Review

When you are involved in book reviewing, you must know that the function is not just summarizing the entire matter. You should go through an analytical reading and provide a strong opinion about the book through your personal responses. Here are some suggestions from Angelica Urbas regarding the book review.

Go Through And Take Notes:  You must go through the entire book and take notes. You can write them down or use a voice recording for documenting some parts of the story. It is required for the brainstorming purpose and the notes need not be organized in nature.

Understand The Genre Or Field:  Try understanding the field of study or the genre of the book. If required, you can use the sources from outside to get yourself familiar with the genre. For example, if you are reviewing any non-fiction book, you can go through some other non-fiction books to get yourself accustomed.

Understand The Style Of Author:  You need to understand the writing style of the author and whether the style will suit the target audience or not. Depending on the same writing style, the author can even express different views.

Evaluation Steps:  According to Angelica Urbas, you are required to create the draft review in different steps. For the first step of the draft, you need a heading. If you have not been directed for a special format, you can use a standard heading like the publication place, date of publication or the number of pages in the book. After that, comes the introduction, and summary of the book. Finally, you can conclude your own opinions or the evaluation.

After completing the review, you must go through and re-read them. Angelica Urbas suggests that you can submit the best work only if you revise and get feedback, if possible. The feedback can come from your friend or any of your family members.


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