Thursday 29 September 2016

Is ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ a remarkable book? Review from Angelica Urbas

Romantic stories are loved by all types of readers irrespective of the age or taste. However, if you are looking for one of the best romantic books of recent times, I would name ‘ The Girl You Left Behind’ by Jojo Moyes. Here, Angelica Urbas discusses why this book is considered worthy to read.

Why the book is different from others of same category?

Although the book is categorized as ‘Romantic’, while reading this, you will understand it is completely different from other creations in the same category. The story mainly centers on life of two girls of two centuries. The story starts at 1916, at the time of first World War. at the very beginning, we meet Eduoard, a french artist, had to leave his wife Sophie alone in the town for joining the French Army. When the Germans occupied their town, just like other citizens , Sophie too required providing the German soldiers everything they needed. Suddenly, she got noticed by a local commandant because of her portrait drawn by Edouard. Later, we see that Sophie is ready to risk everything for meeting her true love.

Angelica Urbas says that the author, Jojo Moyes created a nice twist here, by giving a pause to the story of Sophie and starting that of Liv. Liv, another girl of 2006, lives in London and has recently lost her husband, David. On their honeymoon, Liv received the portrait of Sophie from David as gift. After passing away of David, Liv falls for another man, Paul, who is an investigator of the artworks stolen by Germans and returning them back to legitimate owners. Later the readers will come to know that currently Paul is in search of the portrait of Sophie. It again brings twist in Liv’s life.

As per Angelica Urbas, the book is not just a romantic story. Rather the author has connected two different centuries making it unputdownable for historical novel lovers too.


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